Saturday, 26 May 2012

Lamefoot - Live At The Old Bar (2010-11)

Lamefoot resulted from jams I started having with my housemate Dannie ‘Bean’ Johnston during 2008. Initially we were a duo, with Bean on drums and myself on guitar. I’d known Bean since the late 90s, when I first shared a house with him and his sister Linda, whose bands Little Ugly Girls, The Dacios and Bulls remain among my all-time favourites.

Bean and I were both listening to a lot of Krautrock at the time. We were especially enthralled with the relentless motorik beat of Neu!, and sought to emulate this somehow. As a fan of Rhys Chatham’s Guitar Trio (1977), and repetition in music in general, I could see the potential of just playing one chord, over and over, slowly building up intensity, but never “rocking out”, so to speak.

Eventually, Matt Bailey (ex-Paradise Motel) and Evan Purdey (Twin Vickers) joined on bass and electric organ respectively. That’s the line-up that appears on the recording made at Melbourne’s Old Bar (my home away from home) on 24 July 2010.

Soon after, when Evan decided to travel overseas for an extended period, Lisa McKinney took over organ duties. As a solo improviser under the name Mystic Eyes, and a fellow devotee of Rhys Chatham, Lisa was perfect for the role, as can be heard on the track recorded in April 2011. 

Unfortunately, plans to have both organists perform at the same time never came to fruition. With Lisa moving to New York in 2012, this is now a remote possibility. Lamefoot is likely to make further sporadic live appearances in the future though.

1. 24 July 2010
2. 1 April 2011

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