Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hand Hell - 3 Demos (2007)

Following the release of Phonography in 2006, Kirsty and I got the urge to play live again, so we recruited Ricky French to play drums with us. A bit of a multi-instrumentalist, this expatriate kiwi came to us via local outfit Actor/Model.

For the next couple of years, we played heaps of shows in Melbourne, building up a small, but enthusiastic following. We always figured that it was better to have a few people like our music a lot, rather than a lot of people liking it a bit.

During this incarnation of Hand Hell, we didn’t do much writing. I had become more interested in experimental music, despite still loving to play in a pop band. For some reason, our new ideas just didn’t gel that well. Only two new songs made it into the set, but we never got further than recording them as rough demo versions, before the group finally broke up. They’re cool songs though. 

'Scotland' of course is an old favourite, and the version here presents it in its most stripped-back form.

1. Amnesia Hotel
2. Northern Lights
3. Scotland

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