Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Bites - Once Bitten (odds + ends 2002-05)

This compilation, exclusive to this blog, spans pretty much the entire history of The Bites. There are some of our earliest efforts, such as the NZ tour EP …over dusky sound (2002) and the B-sides to our single Fired (2003).

Also included are two duo tracks that Kirsty and I cut with Mike Brasell (of Michael J Hex and Hiss Explosion fame) at his studio upstairs at Arc Café in Dunedin in 2003. We still miss this genius, who sadly passed away a year later from pneumonia.

Then there are several versions of one of our favourite songs, ‘Adelaide’. Not only does Kirsty revisit her former home town, she also gives a mighty shout-out to one of our favourite South Australian bands, Hardy Coxon.

Some demos of songs that we were working on with Simon round out this package. ‘Fashion’ and ‘I’m Unable’ would later resurface in Hand Hell, but for some reason ‘Devious’ never made it out of the rehearsal room. A shame really, as it is a deviously catchy tune. I’d love to know what it might have turned into if we had kept working on it.

Then there are 5 live tracks recorded at our friend Daisy’s birthday party in a Brunswick warehouse. It’s not necessarily the best representation of our live sound, but it sure was a fun gig. 

1.   My Heart, Your Heart
2.   Summer Gnats
3.   Eno
4.   Etwas Neues
5.   Why Oh Why 
6.   Eno (demo)
7.   Mexican Wave (duo)
8.   The Day We Lost Fitzroy (duo)
9.   Adelaide (live-to-air)
10. Adelaide (4-track)
11. Fashion (demo)
12. I'm Unable (demo)
13. Devious (demo)
14. Live at Daisy's Party - 5 songs (2005)


  1. It doesn't seem like the download link is working? I keep getting re-directed to Blogger...

    Thanks for putting all of these recordings up! I look forward to hearing these songs again after such a long time :)

  2. Sorry Gus. The glitch should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads-up. Enjoy!