Friday, 25 May 2012

Bruna - Lawns And Misfortune (2001)

Bruna’s final release was a bit of a mixed bag. These 5 songs were really nothing alike, mirroring the fragmentation of the group. Individually though, these were some of our best efforts. ‘The Last Time Billy Attacked Me’ was probably Scott’s most upbeat rock number, taking its cues from Guided By Voices, who get referred to in the lyric as “Shit Warmed Over”, following an infamous post-GBV-gig party at my house, that saw the band thoroughly disgrace themselves in many people’s eyes. The less said, the better.

‘Exile’ is probably the most epic song I’ve ever written. In retrospect, I feel that it’s got too many parts. Oh, well. ‘Thumb Index’, on the other hand, is a personal favourite. It’s got a great bent country feel, aided enormously by Savina Hopkins’ drumming. The whole tune doesn’t make sense technically, but it just fits together somehow. I vividly recollect recording this number in the house Scott and I shared opposite West Melbourne train station, wedged between a bikie pub, a brothel and a panel beater’s workshop. It’s the area referred to as “Little Detroit” on Pale Era.

1. Lawns And Misfortune
2. There's Nothing Here That I Can Live On
3. Exile
4. The Last Time Billy Attacked Me
5. The Complete Thumb Index Book Of Your Life; Reprint

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  1. René, hi!

    Thank you for writing so many great songs, Pale Era is an incredible record which i can listen to any time and never get tired of it.

    Sadly, link to this album you've posted above seems to be invalid so there's no way to give it a listen.

    Is there any chance you can re-upload it once again?
    I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks a lot!