Friday, 25 May 2012

Bruna - Lumber (1999)

This album consists of pretty much every song Scott and I had written up to the point of recording. I remember that both Laura and I were incredibly tired and hung over when we went into Matt Hills’ studio. I had somehow tricked everybody, including engineer Neil Thomason, into believing that these were just going to be demos, so we just plowed through the songs. All of them are first or second takes, with no overdubs, apart from the vocals. I love the rawness of this recording – it pretty much captures our live sound at the time, including the fuck-ups, shonky timing and conflicting styles.

A lot of people really love this album. I can see why, but I keep thinking we could have made it more consistent by leaving out a few songs. I won’t say which ones, though. Scott was in fine form with his writing here. ‘Silver Car’ is an absolute classic and makes the most of an odd time signature. ‘Fallen Arches’ sounds bizarrely prescient now, being concerned with ageing hipsters mourning for long-vanished music venues. With time, the songs predictions nearly all came true, yet at the time it all seemed so remote and impossible. Listen out for the drums, as Laura tries to figure out exactly how to count the beats. I still don’t know how we came up with that bizarre rhythm.

I sang four songs on this album, and I still cringe at every one of them. It’s not that they’re bad… I just hate the sound of my own voice. If nothing else, it makes for a diverse listening experience. 

Oh, and 'Where Did Richard Get That Jacket' is about Richard Hell, just so you know...

1.   TV vs The Turbulence Of Glass
2.   What You Can Bet On
3.   Where Did Richard Get That Jacket
4.   Silver Car
5.   Snow
6.   Paradise
7.   Fallen Arches
8.   High Risk
9.   Gifts From The Dead
10. Dance
11. Down
12. Windows Fill With Glass
13. Secret Bid
14. Ride-on Mower
15. Correct Height
16. Scale Model

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