Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Bites - This Is A Full Stop (2005)

We were feeling pretty feisty when we wrote these songs. There is a definite punk energy evident in  both content and delivery here. All three of us had grown up with an appreciation of the punk spirit of defiance, and somehow this informed this particular set of songs. The tunes got shorter, faster, tighter and more aggressive. Melody was never far from our hearts though.

‘This Is A False Alarm’ always makes me think of Magic Dirt, who Kirsty had played cello with. ‘Born Dirty’, on the other hand, recalls San Diego’s Hot Snakes, who we were all enamored with at the time. ‘Flavonoid’ and ‘Astronaut’ were examples of the kind of experiments we’d get up to in the rehearsal room, and possibly indicate a desire to move away from straight-ahead pop tunes.  

Sadly, we had all come to the conclusion that The Bites were coming to an end by the time we released this EP, which explains its somewhat fatalistic title. Simon was leaving, and Kirsty and I were ready to move on to new musical endeavours with Hand Hell. As the liner notes said: “it’s been fun, thank you and good night”

1. Heady Heady Heady
2. Born Dirty
3. I'm Not Coming Down 
4. This Is A False Alarm
5. One Million Miles
6. Flavonoid
7. Astronaut

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