Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bad Cabin - Low Frequency (2007)

Bad Cabin’s music is an exercise in stark minimalism. Simone Marie and I were inspired by the harsh sounds of New York’s No Wave bands of the late 1970s, the stripped-back approach to songwriting of British post-punk, as well as the intensity of Tasmanian groups like Sea Scouts.

Initially we started writing songs on guitar and a borrowed electric organ, but soon found that this set-up still sounded too conventionally tuneful. I swapped to bass, limiting my playing to two or three notes, repeated ad infinitum. Simone played a stand-up drum kit, consisting of snare, floor tom and one cymbal.

Her lyrics explored the darkness of the subconscious and this darkness became the essence of the group, as Simone developed her distinctive vocal approach. Bad Cabin was deliberately anti-melodic, reduced to splintered, brittle rhythms, low bass frequencies and melancholic cries.

Unfortunately we never got around to playing these songs in front of an audience. These rehearsal room recordings remain the only documentation of the set we had assembled. In a way their lo-fi primitivism suits the music perfectly though, sounding subterranean and forlorn. Music from a bad cabin, somewhere out in the woods.

1. Admire
2. Light Fun
3. Mess
4. Systems And Configurations
5. Silence
6. Low Frequency
7. Face Up In The Water
8. Teeth
9. Tunnel

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