Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Bites - I'm Not Coming Down video (2004)

This is a rather cool video of The Bites that our friend Simon Strong from Pink Stainless Tail shot at Melbourne's Tote Hotel in 2004. Kirsty had recently acquired a video camera and we thought it would be fun to get someone to shoot some footage of us, so we just handed the camera to Simon... little did we realise that this would not actually stop him from dancing. Either that, or he was trying to make some kind of artistic statement here. Or maybe he just had the shakes.

No matter, we really dug the result. Of course the sound sucked completely, so we used the studio version of I'm Not Coming Down. It doesn't sync up properly, but that makes it even better. Whenever I watch this, I start feeling seasick - but in a good way!


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  1. Thanks for posting your music especially the stuff with Kirsty. We were once friends and she holds a special place in my heart. Great to hear her voice again...what a talent.